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Save time and money by using our free style guide templates
October 1st, 2016
Adam Thornhill
Adam Thornhill
Co-Founder of Slance
style guide templates: use students to make your own

We’re not one to blow our own horn, but our brand style guide and writing style guide have been invaluable. We direct all design and creative freelancers to our brand style guide, and all freelance writers to our writing style guide. As such, we have achieved consistent branding and communication –two important traits that all startups must have. Use our style guide templates to create your own.

Save time and money

Increase freelancer proficiency …

The more detailed your brief, the quicker work gets done. It’s that simple. Freelancers will better understand expected deliverables, and will therefore be more competent at their job. Decision paralysis is significantly reduced when freelancers follow branding guidelines, such as a predetermined color palette and typography. The same benefit is present when writing guidelines are applied, like tone of voice and a writing style manual.

… and management efficiency

Context is key. Time and time again, you’ll find in management that miscommunication leads to countless revisions. These revisions take time, and time is money. Style guides prevent this problem from happening in the first place. The amount of time required for onboarding is reduced, and freelancers are more autonomous as many of their questions are answered in your style guides.

Consistent branding

Style guide templates

Feel free to use our style guide examples as templates when building your own brand style guide and writing style guide. They’re by no means the complete package – we regularly update them to account for small changes in our branding and communication. You can call them a living style guide. Please remember to credit Slance if you do use our style guide templates!

Outsource to student freelancers

It’s clear why style guides are important. So, how do you make your own? The answer: student freelancers. Design wise, students have creativity running through their veins, and can think well outside the box. Check out this stop motion animation video students created as an example. Writing wise, written communication is an integral part of their day to day lives. They’re familiar with AP stylebook, and can formulate copy with ease. Post a job on Slance to create your own style guides.

Armed with your own branding and writing guidelines, you’ll now develop consistent branding and communication for your business. That, in turn, means increased performance. Enjoy!


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Our brand style guide and writing style guide have played pivotal roles in managing student freelancers. Use our style guide templates to create your own.Click to Tweet

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