Online Jobs for College Students Require Online Resumes

November 7th, 2016
Nicholas Maldarelli
Nicholas Maldarelli
Student freelancer from the College of New Jersey
online jobs for college students need online resumes

We can all remember our very first interview. Sweaty palms and anxiety mixed with a new outfit and a fresh haircut. Most importantly, one single piece of paper that explained why we were the best candidate for the job. First impressions matter in job interviews, but to get an interview you first need a resume that is captivating and engaging. Online jobs for college students are calling quits on paper resumes and instead inviting online resumes into the game. Learn how you can better market yourself to potential employers. It’s not as hard as it seems, and it’s actually really fun.

Adapt to new norms

The number of online jobs for college students is growing. As hiring methods change, your resume needs to change too. According to Forbes, “Online job marketplaces are a major disruptor in the world of work, says Swart, who estimates that by 2020, one in every three workers will be hired online.” With more workers being hired online, traditional resumes are less important. Creating and hosting your resume online is the best way to distinguish yourself from other applicants. The more creative and interactive your online resume is, the greater impression you will make on recruiters. Good news: no matter your credentials, skills, or job aspirations, an online resume can be customized for just about anyone.

Businesses are hiring more student freelancers through the web. Although online jobs for college students are growing, online interviews are much harder to perfect. This is why online resumes matter so much. Companies such as LinkedIn and Slance offer students a platform to build their online resumes in a profile format.

Building an online resume

Forbes claims that “In emerging economies, job creation via the Internet is a catalyst for growth.” The New York Times also recognizes this new trend of recruitment. They advise applicants to ask this question before creating an online resume: “How could you use technology to enhance your résumé and make the most of posting it online?” Graphic designer and computer guru Robby Leonardi has the answer with his interactive online resume. Robby creates an experience that is both fun and informative for recruiters. Online resumes that give recruiters the freedom to search and discover what they need is what every college student should strive for.


Not an artist, graphic designer, or HTML expert? Not to worry. If you don’t know how to build your own website from scratch like Robby, you can pay for one. Squarespace is one of the most popular website platforms for student freelancers to create and manage their online resumes. It gives users the ability to create their own websites just as they envision it. Two student freelancers use for their online resumes. I interviewed them to learn how online resumes can help get online jobs for college students.

Natalie Carpentieri

Recent grad from Monmouth University




Why did you choose What benefits does this site have over competing sites?

Natalie Carpentieri: It starts as a free trial. A variety of templates gives the user choice in design. Squarespace is a great tool to use with respect to online jobs for college students. It empowers students to use creativity and technology to set themselves apart.

As a graphic designer, how relevant is artistic direction when designing an online resume? Do you identify with any particular design aesthetic?

Natalie Carpentieri: As a graphic designer, creation is my life so my resume should be distinctly different from someone who has studied business or medicine. It has to be aesthetically pleasing to the user, and show a unique design style.

What are some of the reasons you chose to include a traditional resume within your online resume?

Natalie Carpentieri: It gives employers a better sense of what your responsibilities have been as well as your accomplishments in any jobs/internships/freelance positions you have held.

What would you consider to be the most important tip with respect to building and maintaining an online resume?

Natalie Carpentieri: Keeping it up to date. You never know when someone may come across your online resume, so regular updates with what you are doing and your current projects are essential.

Maddie Relyea

Senior from The University of Oklahoma



As a graphic designer and student of advertising and psychology, how does your online resume reflect your creativity and talents?

Maddie Relyea: My online portfolio is an effective way to express versatility. My original design for my online resume shows my projects in graphic design, advertising, and copywriting. Online jobs for college students encourage creativity in resumes, and my online resume does that. 

For someone who is not predominantly creative or “right-brained”, how can an online resume design appeal to their individual talents or skills?

Maddie Relyea: Online resumes are more for showing off your creativity and design. I don’t think it would be as effective for someone in say, finance because their resume would reflect more work experience and less projects. I think it depends on how you organize all your information. 

What is the best platform to offer this kind of variety of designs?

Maddie Relyea: Someone recommended Squarespace to me, and since I did not have time to learn how to code, I went with it. I really like it, and think it’s a great tool in applying to online jobs for college students. It’s easy to use and keeps everything consistent in terms of design.

How would you suggest a freelance writer or developer to go about designing an online resume?

Maddie Relyea: The most important thing is to build your own personal brand before making an online resume. This image of yourself will be seen throughout your work and with my situation, the design of my portfolio. Every time you have a new project, it’s important to upload and keep your online resume up-to-date. A personal brand is a great quality to have with online jobs for college students. 

Start creating

These two student freelancers found that an online resume uniquely catered to their field of interest, and provided them the tools to set themselves apart. By creating an account on Slance, you too can become a student freelancer. Gain relevant work experience and get paid! Develop your personal brand and discover which platform works best for your online resume. Put on your thinking cap and start creating!

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