Want to Learn How To Freelance? These Five Freelancing Tips Will Help You Succeed

Time management, professional communication and flexibility will help you build a business network
October 1st, 2016
Nicholas Maldarelli
Nicholas Maldarelli
Student freelancer from the College of New Jersey
How to freelance: tips on how to succeed

Part II: It ends with a network

The first day

You’ve done it! You’ve been offered your first freelance opportunity. Before you begin thinking to yourself “well now what…”, check out these freelancing tips to help you learn how to freelance and ease your transition into the freelance market.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew

In other words, try not to overcommit. You’re new and excited, and probably want to show off your talents. Being motivated is an indicator of success but it’s important to know what you can and cannot do. Taking on more work than you can handle and/or promising deadlines that you can’t meet are some of the ways freelancers may overcommit in their jobs. Always remember to manage expectations by providing regular updates to prevent this from happening.

Go the extra mile

Working as a freelancer can be challenging, but these challenges will help you grow as a person and make you more confident in your work. Perhaps the most important part of your freelance work is to please the client. In doing so, try to be as flexible with your schedule as possible. Sometimes this will require late night phone calls or work sessions. Exceeding your clients’ expectations will demonstrate your willingness to succeed. Pushing yourself to satisfy the client will make you a better freelancer and it’s likely that more freelance opportunities will come your way.

Time management is key

Working as a freelancer is, at times, an around-the-clock kind of job. Figuring out how much time you need to study for school and use for your freelance work is crucial to success in both. Maintain a high level of confidence in your ability to complete projects, and try not to procrastinate! Mistakes may arise in the process, but this should never deter you from continuing to give your best. There is a learning curve when learning how to freelance, and how you react to setbacks will define you as a freelancer.

Keep communication concise

Working as a freelancer will expose you to business professionals who value time and performance. Professional communication is crucial. Keep your messages concise and well-written. This shows you respect your job, as well as your superiors. Efficient communication and professionalism are essential when working as a freelancer.

Stay hungry

Companies love to see motivated, hard-working freelancers. If you consistently deliver good results, never be afraid to ask for more responsibility or creative freedom on upcoming projects. It’s important to display added value, and taking initiative in your work is an excellent start. Exceeding expectations also shows a willingness to excel, and these are characteristics that companies look for in freelancers.

Looking back at your freelance job

Since joining the freelance market, you’ve learned more about yourself and applied these freelancing tips to your job. Effective time management, professionalism in communication, and work flexibility helped you evolve into a more mature, confident freelancer. More importantly, you’ve established a network of business professionals. These contacts will lead to more job opportunities and act as references for future interviews. They are a valuable resource, and having a network is crucial to competing for jobs in the modern business world. Learning how to freelance is in fact learning how to succeed at just about any job. That being said, if you utilize these freelancing tips in the future, you will certainly find success and enjoyment in whatever field you work in. Good luck!

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