10 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Student Freelancer

Find your next full-time hire, save on recruitment costs and increase productivity with a student freelancer
October 12th, 2016
Adam Thornhill
Adam Thornhill
Co-Founder of Slance
why hire a student freelancer

Whether it’s introducing new ideas, saving money, or diversifying the workplace, student freelancers can be the driving force behind business growth. With the help of a student freelancer, you can find new ways to increase performance without going too deep into your pockets. Here are ten reasons why your business should hire a student freelancer.

1. Affordable talent

A cheap employee…is a cheap employee, according to Stephen J. Dubner, the creator and founder of Freakonomics. This is correct when employees are demotivated, but it doesn’t usually apply to college students. Student freelancers work for less and still produce high quality results. This is because they want to please the client and build their resume. In fact, in today’s job market, they need to. Next time your business wants to hire an affordable part-time employee, take on a student freelancer instead. You will save money while maintaining high standards of work.

2. Highly motivated

Student freelancers go the extra mile to get the job done right. They are well-educated, self-sufficient, and above all else, they want experience. This makes them more attractive candidates for freelance jobs. Ambition and readiness to work are common traits among student freelancers. Harness this motivation to get projects completed in a timely and cost efficient manner.

3. Work efficiency and swift delivery

Student freelancers work fast to produce quality results. As with all freelancers, the more projects one completes, the more one gets paid. Since college students are much more receptive to feedback, they will be more likely to make those last minute revisions (we’ve all been there!). High-quality project turnover keeps your business productive and your student freelancer happy.

4.  Flexible schedule

School and sleep do not go hand in hand. College students know this, and are used to working around the clock to complete class projects. However, it’s important to remember they are students first, and freelancers second. Manageable workloads and realistic deadlines will motivate student freelancers to work whenever they can to submit projects in a timely manner. Respect their time, and they will meet your deadlines. 

5.  Versatile workers

College students are versatile workers. A cross-functional student freelancer can work a variety of jobs, therefore making them an asset for any business. Hiring your student freelancer for different projects allows them to earn more and learn more. As a result, you get more done without having to hire additional workers. It’s a win-win situation.

 6. Tech whiz kids

Energy to work combined with a fresh youth perspective is the perfect recipe for a talented freelancer. College students have their finger on the pulse with what’s new in the world of tech. They know what people want to read and hear, therefore making them better communicators and marketers. Student freelancers are also more adaptable to changing business environments – a necessary trait as tech becomes an even more integral part of our world.

7. Independent contractors

Time management and organization is essential to success. Student freelances are specialists in these areas. Independent assignments challenge their ability to work alone and solve problems with limited help. Trust them to delivery quality work on time. It’s what they know and what they’re used to. If you give your student freelancer space to work and grow, you will certainly get the best out of them. 

8. Highly literate

College students are continuous learners, critical readers and problem solvers. They are also well-educated in areas such as communication and technology. Hiring a U.S. student freelancer instead of offshore outsourcing removes potential language and cultural barriers, thereby increasing the chance of project success tenfold.

9. Mobile workforce

Tired of nagging your workers for overdue work? No more. Hire a student freelancer and witness an increase in work efficiency. With today’s technology, work can be submitted online from any location across America. However, if you offshore outsource you could be waiting hours for a response, or worse, a finished project. Hire a student freelancer to build your company’s mobile workforce.  

10. Hiring pipeline

Invest in a student freelancer. Once they find a business that treats them well and pays competitively, they will certainly stay with you for the long haul. Remember, for students it’s all about experience and networking. Show gratitude, compliment them, and offer constructive feedback and you can expect an ongoing productive work relationship. You could even find your next full-time hire while saving on recruitment costs! 

In order to prosper, a business has to react to change. Stay ahead of your competitors and hire a student freelancer. They are well-educated, culturally intelligent, and efficient workers. They are also loyal to businesses that respect them and their work. You will be pleasantly surprised with all the benefits that come with hiring a student freelancer, and you might just find your next full-time hire!

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