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December 6th, 2016
Nicholas Maldarelli
Nicholas Maldarelli
Student freelancer from the College of New Jersey
hire a student and innovate your business

It takes one idea to change the world. Some of the greatest inventions and business ideas originated in garages and dorm rooms across the United States. Consider Facebook, Dell, and Microsoft. All three were created or conceptualized by college students: Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell, and Bill Gates. The success stories of these college students will show why you should hire a student.

College students are highly motivated, diligent, and ambitious. They understand the competitive job market, and have stepped up their game in becoming knowledgeable and diversified job candidates. “Employers expect to hire 5.2% more freshly minted grads this year than in 2015” which means more competition for these college students. Hire a student and you’re guaranteed new perspectives, more talent, harder work, and better organization.

Ambition and know-how

College students are the innovators and leaders of tomorrow. Mark Zuckerberg built the beginnings of Facebook in a week. When he realized its potential, he dropped out of Harvard and moved to California to pursue his dreams. Zuckerberg’s determination to realize his idea and not sell out awarded him unimaginable success, and that same mentality exists within so many college students. As a result of their ambition to learn and achieve, college students provide incredible value. Combining effective time-management skills and an advanced knowledge base within their field of study, college students are a necessary tool for growing your business.

Organized, timely, and productive

Everyone has used a Dell computer at some point in their lives. You can thank its creator, Michael Dell, for that. While studying Pre-med at the University of Texas at Austin, Dell used $1,000 and worked tirelessly between classes to develop PC’s Limited, later renamed to Dell after his last name. Dell used excellent time management to increase his productivity when he wasn’t in the classroom. Consequently, Dell’s computer company reinvented the way computers were built, introducing a “build-to-order” process of manufacturing. Ever hear of mass-customization? You can thank Michael Dell for that too. His remarkable story of creating a computer company whilst in college reflects a college student’s uncanny ability to manage their real lives and their ambitions.

A fresh take on the world

Bill Gates fundamentally changed the way we communicate with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Above work ethic and education, college students like Gates offer unique perspectives to improving business processes. Their intelligence, advanced social skills, and intuition help businesses make tough decisions about the future. Gates saw the future of consumer technology, and wanted every household in America to have a computer, and for that computer to run Windows. While studying at Harvard, Gates sold a software to IBM and began writing his own programming language with his roommate. That language later became the foundation of Microsoft, which officially opened for business in 1975. College students have a unique way of looking at the world and seeing how to improve it. If you hire a student, they will provide you with insight on market trends: specifically what’s hot and what’s not. College students keep companies ahead of the curve.

Hire a student and transform your business

“College taught me how to manage my personal time and study time. Working on projects for four different classes taught me discipline, organization, and time-management. When I began freelancing for Slance, I was given multiple projects at once, and had to apply the same skills. Because of my preparation from college, the transition was seamless.”

Nicholas Maldarelli, Junior, The College of New Jersey

College students are the lifeblood of a growing business. What makes them so important is their unique perspectives and work ethic. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Michael Dell achieved their success as college students. They used their intelligence and forward-thinking mindset to improve the world we live in today. Most importantly, someone believed in them along the way, and helped them realize their dreams. Slance is a pioneering freelance site connecting businesses and nonprofits with qualified college students within the U.S. Freelancing is the first step for college students to gain experience and demonstrate their skills. Your business could be the next big success story too. Hire a student and realize their potential in changing your business for a brighter tomorrow.

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