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Learn how to effectively manage your team of student freelancers through a game of American football
November 14th, 2016
Nicholas Maldarelli
Nicholas Maldarelli
Student freelancer from the College of New Jersey
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The biggest challenge agencies face is staffing up and down to meet demand. Similarly, the biggest dilemma for American football coaches is deciding their strongest team. Agencies and American football teams have much in common; their desire to win, to grow and to make money. However, their most important strength is their underlying team. Let’s use football as an analogy to better understand how you can best use student freelancers to build and manage your team.

You’re the quarterback

Managers are the quarterbacks of an agency. Quarterbacks see the whole field and command the play just like a manager sees their agency’s goals and vision. Agencies see the best work from American student freelancers because of their language and communication skills. Quarterbacks decide what play is next and who is going to get the ball. They can choose to trust a player and go big on a play, or be more tactical and run the ball for short gains. The same goes for managers. The decision on which student freelancers will work on what projects is crucial in keeping the agency working efficiently. It’s crucial to know when you need to bring on more student freelancers or let some go. Always keep it professional and amicable so that you can still use their services in the future.

First down

Progress feels good, doesn’t it? Running the ball for a safe first down is the same as a manager assigning a part of a big project. It’s less risky, but if done again and again, this will get you that touchdown or completed project. Trying out different plays or student freelancers will help you realize what works for your team and what doesn’t. Remember, it’s a learning curve, so don’t get discouraged if things don’t work out at first.

Second down

A pass to the wide receiver gets you 35 yards up the field! In this case, giving a bigger part of the project to a more experienced, trustworthy student freelancer worked out. It’s more risky to throw a long pass than to execute smaller plays. However, as a manager or coach, your team relies on you to make the best decision for the team. Sometimes you can rely on one student freelancer or star player to get you closer to the finish line, but always use caution. In some cases, if a player makes one good play after another, you can trust them with a long pass or really important play like 4th and goal. Whether it’s working for an agency or playing a team sport, trust can go a long way in building a team and creating progress.

Fumble! Turnover.

Failure is inevitable. Sometimes the person you trust with a big project or an important play might end up dropping the ball (literally and figuratively). Effective management begins here. Remain positive and strategic in your reaction to these problems. Substitute the player or student freelancer if they aren’t the right fit. Think about the team’s success above anything else, and progress will follow.

“You can learn a line from a win and a book from a defeat.”
Paul Brown


Back at it again! Your student freelancer produced an excellent final project, and intercepted the other team’s pass. The student freelancer is capable of handling pressure and performing when the team needs them. This is a great quality to have in a team player. Winning a new account is similar to an interception; you’ve one up on your opposition by growing your clientele list. Student freelancers have a creative youth perspective and their work will attract more accounts for your agency.


You’ve done it! Proper leadership, delegation of activities, teamwork, and maybe a little bit of luck has won you the game. Your student freelancers applied themselves and finished the final project, and the football team worked cohesively with the coaches to score a touchdown. There were challenges along the way, but because of their communication and talent as individuals, success was achieved.

Keep growing

It starts with an effective manager or coach. As a football team, it’s important also to recruit players with experience in the game, and not someone trying out the sport for the first time. The same is true for an agency. American student freelancers are favored because they are native English speakers who have the same cultural expectations. Quarterbacking your agency means keeping the team in mind when you make decisions, and its those decisions that help the team succeed or fail. Managers and coaches learn along the way what works for their team and what doesn’t. Whether you are a football coach or a quarterback, trust, dedication, and guidance will bring you success. Go out on the field and see for yourself!


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