Month: November 2016

Quarterback Your Agency with the Support of Student Freelancers

Nicholas Maldarelli
Nicholas Maldarelli
November 14th, 2016
3 minute read
support your agency with student freelancers

The biggest challenge agencies face is staffing up and down to meet demand. Similarly, the biggest dilemma for American football coaches is deciding their strongest team. Agencies and American football teams have much in common; their desire to win, to grow and to make money. However, their most important strength is their underlying team. Let’s use football as an… Read more »

Online Jobs for College Students Require Online Resumes

Nicholas Maldarelli
Nicholas Maldarelli
November 7th, 2016
4 minute read
online jobs for college students need online resumes

We can all remember our very first interview. Sweaty palms and anxiety mixed with a new outfit and a fresh haircut. Most importantly, one single piece of paper that explained why we were the best candidate for the job. First impressions matter in job interviews, but to get an interview you first need a resume that is captivating… Read more »