Our nonprofit scheme

At Slance, we are driven to help others. Our overarching mission is to help students get jobs. This is what drives us to do what we do. But, our freelance platform has the capacity to do more than that – we can help fellow helpers. As with for profit businesses, large and small, budget is an issue for nonprofit organizations. We’re giving nonprofits the ability to post volunteer jobs on Slance to get their design, writing, development, and marketing jobs completed for free.

How it works

As well as fixed and hourly jobs, nonprofits have the option to post volunteer jobs on Slance. Whether you’re starting a nonprofit organization or you work at a national nonprofit organization, we’re here to help. All we need is your 501(c) Tax ID when you post a volunteer job. Your account will then have the capability to post volunteer jobs thereafter!

Partnership opportunities

We’re also open to nonprofit partnerships in the form of charitable initiatives, content collaboration and social posts to name but a few. Feel free to reach out with ideas and proposals on how we can work together.

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