Let’s work together to offer relevant part time jobs for college students

Slance is an online platform connecting student freelancers with businesses and nonprofits. Students can now supplement their education with relevant work experience, income, networking and just-in- time learning. We appreciate school comes first, and so do our clients, so our freelance platform is built to offer students flexibility and remote work opportunities.

Our mission is to expand the career opportunities for U.S. students. We compliment full time and internship opportunities available to students by giving them a pathway into the world of freelancing. But, this mission cannot be achieved without the help of our career and alumni services partners. They have been, and always will be, the main source of employment opportunities for students. We want to thank all of our partners for their commitment to this mission, and would love to work with your University if we don’t already!

How can you partner with us

We understand that every University has its own unique set of policies and processes. At Slance, we are open to accommodating new partnership ideas, so the below list of partnership opportunities includes, but is not limited to:

We can collaborate on producing helpful content for your students


We can help you with communicating Slance to your students

We can help you with communicating Slance to your alumni

We can integrate Slance into your career services toolkit