We are ignoring an epidemic on a national scale

  • 46% of recent college graduates in the U.S. are underemployed 1

  • Almost half of all recent college grads took a job which didn’t require their college degree 2

  • Almost half of the $1.2 trillion student debt did not help recent college grads get relevant jobs 3

Offshore outsourcing continues to thrive, yet local job prospects continue to dive.

Together, we can make a difference

We connect student freelancers with clients through our online platform. As part of the Human Cloud, students can now supplement their education with relevant work experience, income, networking and just-in- time learning. We cannot achieve our mission without our partnerships with clients and Universities, so help make a difference and sign up or contact us.

Our story

We are the next generation of the Human Cloud. We want to revolutionize the on-demand industry by focusing on students. We want to consolidate the internship process by focusing on freelancing. We are Slance. We are student freelancers.